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HSBC online banking log in interface on mobile; image used for HSBC Amanah mobile security key page.

Mobile Secure Key

Unlock seamless convenience by generating security codes easily on your HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app with the new Mobile Secure Key.

What is a Mobile Secure Key?

The Mobile Secure Key is a safe and convenient way to generate security codes on the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app, so you can log on and approve transactions without needing your physical Security Device. Say goodbye to forgetting to take your Security Device out or worrying about its battery life! To use your Mobile Secure Key, all you need to do is update your HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app to the latest version available, and you're good to go. Easy peasy!

Why you should choose the Mobile Secure Key for your banking needs

  • Safe and secure:
    With your Mobile Secure Key available on your smartphone, access to your accounts and banking transactions is limited only to you, protected by the added security of biometric authentication or your 6-digit PIN.
  • Always by your side:
    As long as you've got your mobile phone with you, your Mobile Secure Key is accessible on the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. You won't need to worry about always keeping track of where your physical Security Device is.
  • Fast and reliable:
    Just a few taps is all it takes to activate your Mobile Secure Key on your HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. Gone are the days of waiting for your Security Device to be sent to you.
  • Better for the environment:
    Switch to Mobile Secure Key to lower the overall carbon footprint generated by manufacturing, shipping, packaging and eventually disposing physical Security Device.

What options do I have to log on to online banking?

There are 2 options currently available for you to access your accounts and verify your transactions.

Important! Your physical Security Device (if you have one) will be deactivated immediately once you activate your Mobile Secure Key.

Mobile Secure Key

Available on the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. The Mobile Secure Key replaces older physical Security Devices, offering enhanced security features like biometric authentication and added convenience for your banking needs.
A physical Security Device issued to account holders. This is in the process of being phased out and is no longer being issued for new account openings.

How to Activate Mobile Secure Key on HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App

Make sure you've got the most up-to-date version of the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. If you've got a physical Security Device then it will be deactivated immediately after you activate your Mobile Secure Key (MSK). You can return your physical Security Device to any HSBC branches or dispose of it yourself. Check that the date and time of your device is set to be automatically retrieved from your mobile network provider. This avoids any errors when you're generating security codes with your MSK. You can check this in your mobile's date and time settings.

Starting from 22 August 2023, there's a 12-hour cooling-off period for .

Generating security codes on your Mobile Secure Key

The Mobile Secure Key generates a temporary code you can use to log on to online banking, and approve specific transactions and account updates.

mobile banking app interface for selecting "genearte security code" option

Step 1: Open the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app (but don't log on). Select 'Generate Security Code' at the bottom of the screen.

mobile banking app interface to select  log on code, transaction verification code and re-authenticate code option
Step 2: Select the appropriate option:
  • Log on code
  • Transaction verification code
  • Re-authenticate code
mobile banking app interface for entering 6-digit PIN

Step 3: Enter your 6-digit PIN or biometric authentication (if you've enabled it) to generate a security code.

mobile banking app interface showing the gerneated security code

Step 4: Your security code will be generated. Enter the code where it's requested on HSBC online banking.

Frequently asked questions

Activate your HSBC Mobile Secure Key now

The Mobile Secure Key is available now via the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. Don't have the app yet? Download it now for seamless and secure online banking.

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