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Introducing HSBC EZInvest

Investment made easy. From as low as RM100, you can now start to invest in any of selected Shariah-compliant Unit Trust funds. EZInvest on your mobile, any time any where.

Manage your unit trust investments your way with HSBC EZInvest

EZInvest is a platform in our HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app that allows you to diversify your unit trust investments easily and conveniently, without any third party involvement. This means having control over your portfolio and seamless flexibility on your unit trust placements - even when you're on the go.
  • Convenient and affordable
    In just 5 steps, you can start investing from as low as RM100.
  • Get global access
    Get access to selected Shariah-compliant funds with different risk levels which are well diversified across local, Asia and global regions. View more details.
  • Review and monitor your portfolio 24/7
    You get a daily updated view of the performance of your portfolio. And, to assist you towards achieving your investment goals, EZInvest provides a quick shortcut so you can buy more or sell with just a tap.
  • Your security, our priority
    With multi-layer log on verification, your financial information is protected through a combination of a unique username and password or a one-time security code generated by your Mobile Secure Key.
  • Open an investment account anytime, anywhere
    Open an HSBC Amanah Unit Trust Investment Account via Online Banking now with ease. tcw bet:Find out more.

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Start investing with EZInvest today! Download or update your HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app to get started.

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Invest in Unit Trusts with a 1% sales charge

Diversify your wealth with a range of Unit Trust funds and enjoy a sales charge of only 1%. T&Cs apply.1
HSBC Amanah Online Unit Trust Q1 & Q2 2024 promotion. tcw bet:Terms and Conditions apply.

Want to invest? It's easier than you may think

To start investing with EZInvest, you need to have an HSBC Amanah Unit Trust Investment account.

How to invest

New to investing with us?

Open an investment account-i now to begin.

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Log on to buy/sell Shariah-compliant unit trusts right away.
Invest with EZInvest today! Download or update your HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app to get started.

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Important risk warning

  • The usage of EZInvest (app) is governed by the HSBC Bank Terms and Conditions for Online and Mobile Banking, End User License Agreement, and Important Notes available in the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. In order to perform transaction in this app, a sole Unit Trust investment account needs to firstly be opened. Please visit HSBC Amanah branch or contact us by phone to open a Unit Trust investment account to perform transaction on this app. The services provided through this app involve no recommendation of, or advice on, any product from us. All transactions that you enter into through this app are conducted on an execution-only basis and based on your own judgement. The list of Shariah-Compliant Unit Trust funds provided through this app is not reflective of the full fund list offered by HSBC Amanah via the branch channel. If you're looking for the full list of Shariah-Compliant Unit Trust funds, you may visit our HSBC Amanah website or our branch for more information. The scope of available transactions are lump sum investment, Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) and redemption. To perform switching, transfer or exercise of cooling-off right in relation to Shariah-Compliant unit trusts, please visit the nearest HSBC Amanah branches. If you would like to enquire of such procedure, please contact HSBC Amanah Malaysia via the channels specified in // Unit trust schemes and units in such schemes are not protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia ("PIDM"); and any money withdrawn from an insured deposit for the purpose of purchasing any units in a unit trust scheme is no longer protected by PIDM.
  • Unit Trusts are investment products and some may involve derivatives. The value of investments, unit prices and income distribution may go down or up, and the investor may not get back the original sum invested. Past performance of a fund should not be taken as indicative of its future performance. In a worst case scenario, the value of fund may worth substantially less than the original amount you have invested and in an extreme case could be worth nothing.
  • The investment returns, repayment of capital and distribution payouts are not guaranteed. Investors and potential investors must not solely rely on the content in this website to make investment decisions. Investors are advised to read carefully and understand the contents of prospectus and consider the general risk factors associated with investing in unit trusts in addition to other specific risks uniquely associated with the fund. All risk factors are set out in the relevant prospectus for the fund.

1This material has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). Front End Load (“FEL”) is the upfront cost that an investor incurs upon subscription/purchase of UT Funds (Equity/Mixed Assets/Bond). For marketing material purposes, FEL is called “Sales Charge”. HSBC Amanah Online Unit Trust Q1 & Q2 2024 promotion tcw bet:Terms and Conditions apply. Promotion period 2 January 2024💮 to 28 June 2024.

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